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Can an Entangled Marketing model enable a brand to survive in a digital-first world?

Brands today have more consumer data at their disposal than ever before in human history, and this should enable brands to have both a meaningful and valued rel...

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Does your marketing need a spinal readjustment?

Today’s users are demanding an intuitive and easily digestible format of information to meet their (business) needs and goals at each stage of their digital dia...

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How to Create Impactful Partner Marketing

A key element in a successful partner marketing campaign is the ability to have consistent messaging throughout the entire customer decision journey. Today, esp...

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The Future of Retail: Entangling Brand and the Customer

Several retailers have created successful multi-channel experiences with built in social community, highly engaging mobile marketing campaigns, and intentionall...

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Can you build a digital strategy?

Digital is an enabler for a business strategy or business plan. More specifically, digital should support the strategic activities which form part of the busine...

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Fragmentation in the Digital Marketing Value Chain

Whereas digital marketing arguably is blessed by a higher degree of measurability than other channels, it still suffers from a fundamental fragmentation in its ...

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Winning the Content Bake-Off

With more brands serving up content, what do we need in the mix to get a bigger slice of the content-hungry market? Is there a science to it? Or is it an art fo...

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Frank Pedersen joins Vertic

Vertic today announced the appointment of Frank Pedersen as President US. Pedersen, former CEO of LBi US and Managing Director at Deep Focus, will also take up ...

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Influencer Marketing: Reciprocal Marketing Funnel

How do we get  influencers to share our branded content or speak about our product offering in the right way?

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Is Microsoft HoloLens the future of computing?

Since Microsoft HoloLens was presented in January, there has been unquestionable enthusiasm towards the new technology. There are great expectations of the visi...

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We Are Vertic: Seattle

Get to know the culture - and climate - surrounding our Seattle office in our latest edition of We Are Vertic.

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Vertic Creates Interactive Video for Microsoft Project Online

To support Microsoft’s overall positioning as a company that empowers individuals to do more, Vertic has created an interactive video experience to showcase the...

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Vertic Wins Award of Excellence

We're proud to announce that The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts has announced Vertic’s work with GE Healthcare as a winner of the 2015 Communicator Awar...

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Creating An Informed Digital Strategy: Using Digital Brand IQ

With a detailed analysis of the demand and supply sides in the digital space, brands can understand the importance of activating digital as a strategic media.

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Happy Vertic-Versary to Amiee Tan!

Learn more about our Office Manager/Executive Assistant/Jr. Project Manager as she celebrates her 1 year anniversary with Vertic!

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To-Do List For B2B Digital Marketing

Here are some of the basic to-dos for a B2B marketeer who takes digital seriously.

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We Are Vertic: New York

Take a look inside the New Yorker culture surrounding our New York office in our latest edition of We Are Vertic.

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Vertic Wins Best Social Media Platform at Danish Internet Awards for Efterskolerne Campaign- "Store ...

Congratulations to our client, Efterskolerne, and the Vertic team for taking home the prize for best Social Media platform at the 2015 Danish Internet Awards.

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5 Great Uses of The Omni-Channel Experience in Retail

 With digital holding such great power, it was only a matter of time until omni-channel, the multi-channel integration between brick + mortar stores and digital...

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6 Things That Have Changed Since The Mad Men Era

Just a few facts to get you excited for the return and final season of our industry's favorite show.

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Recap of the 1st Ever ANA/BMA B-to-B Conference, Hosted by Bloomberg

Yesterday, Vertic Senior Vice President, Erik Semmelhack, attended the annual ANA/BMA B-to-B @ Bloomberg conference.

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3 Ways Your Content Marketing is Failing

With an abundance of content in our digital ecosystem, how are you ensuring your content is relevant to your target audience?

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Mad Men Office Life - Then & Now (Infographic)

After 85 episodes, we're down to just seven. The end is near for Mad Men and we're sad but excited for the last and final return.

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Do You Speak the Language of Layout?

When we use a well designed website or interface, we instinctively know where to find each element (e.g. site search, a link to “our Facebook page”, a link to “...

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6 Ways Digital is Disrupting Healthcare

In a market where only few real innovative pharmacological solutions are launched, digital is contributing to reinventing more or less everything within the pha...

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Vertic Wins Gold for Vestas Campaign- "A Race We Must Win"

Last week at the Internationalist Awards, Vertic won the 2014 Innovative in Media award  for our Vestas campaign- A Race We Must Win.

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We Are Vertic: Copenhagen

Take a look inside the life of a 'Copenhagener' in the latest edition of We Are Vertic.

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How-to Amplify Events Through Digital

To get the most out of your event investment, digitally amplifying your event related content before, during and after to reach non-attendees alongside enhancin...

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Understanding The Millennial

Millennials are a buzzword for a reason: they’re important. Here’s what you need to know about them.

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To-Do List for Digital Marketing in a B2B Company

Corporate websites and a Linkedin Company Page are both essential ingredients, yet more can be done to deliver on your business’ strategic objectives.

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Top 4 Shifts in The New Marketing World

A panel hosted by Added Value during Social Media Week NYC 2015 lent great insights on the current shifts in the marketing industry. Here's a recap!

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Vertic Hosts Virtual Reality Event in Copenhagen and New York For Social Media Week

In collaboration with Social Media Week 2015, Vertic's Copenhagen and New York offices hosted special events on Immersive Technologies.

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5 Incredible Marketing Ideas From 1875 That Work Even Better Today

Let us voyage back to the 1800s, a few years before the Internet, a golden age of quality advertising it was not.

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How Successful Tech Companies Survive Through The Short Life of Wearables

So what is it that makes some brands more successful than others, and how can wearables reach beyond early-adopting techies and achieve long-lasting product lif...

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Has Social Media Corrupted the Oscars? [Infographic]

And the Oscar goes to…Samsung. Forget the commercials, Social Branded Entertainment is everywhere at the Academy Awards.  

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Is Your Digital Agency The Birdman Or The Boyhood Of Your Industry?

Choosing a digital agency is like picking the winner of the Oscars: each contender will likely have elements that appeal to different decision makers, each will...

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7 Very True Facts About Working In Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work at a digital ad agency? Digital advertising is for people with a different or very special DNA. 

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Fifty Shades of Data

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard of a book called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. In light of the recent premiere of the movie edition o...

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B2B Social Campaigns: What LinkedIn Has That Facebook & Twitter Are Missing

In efforts to create a B2B industry case for promoting content on Vertic’s social channels, we ran a social campaign across our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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When Pitching Is Perfect, Life Is Good

Finding the right pitch process can save time and money for both clients and agencies. We do not claim to have the answer. But as a global digital agency, we ha...

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2 Immersive Technologies That Will Transform Your Business

With a 2 billion acquisition by Facebook, a successful Kickstarter campaign and critical acclaim such as being crowned “Best of CES” 2014, Oculus Rift renewed o...

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Happy Vertic-Versary to Steven

Learn more about our Senior Director as he celebrates his 2nd Vertic-Versary!

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We Are Vertic: Singapore

Take a look inside the Southeast Asian culture surrounding our Singapore office in our latest edition of We Are Vertic.

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5 Ways to Fail Your Customers with Social Media

It is little news that social media interactions drive brand perception, buying decisions, and customer loyalty. What’s big news is how many companies manage th...

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Sitecore 8: Improving the List Manager part 1/2

One of the features I was most excited about being introduced to Sitecore 8 was the List Manager and the segmented lists.

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Sitecore 8: Improving the List Manager part 2/2

This is the second part of my improving the List Manager blog posts. So if you haven't read the first part I suggest that you head over to that one first.

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A Beginner’s Check List on Building Consumer Loyalty

Consumers may not trust advertising but brands can gain trust by implementing these smart strategies.

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Happy Vertic-Versary to Claus

Learn more about our Senior Backend Developer as he celebrates his 1st Vertic-Versary!

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How To Make Space For Emotions in Your Digital Marketing Model

In marketing, we make the heart and brain come together. In order to not forget this simple truth, when we ideate and conceptualize, Vertic uses a simple but im...

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Vertic Speaks On Entangled Marketing At The '2015: What’s on the Minds of Marketers?'

At the 2015:What’s on the Minds of Marketers breakfast event, Stan Rapp and Vertic’s CEO, Sebastian Jespersen, introduced the new paradigm and business model of...

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Vertic Creates Sponsorship Campaign for Vestas To Raise Awareness On Climate Change

Vestas, the only global company wholly devoted to wind energy, entered the Volvo Ocean race through sponsorship of a boat in the competition. Vertic was tasked ...

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The Top Marketing Trends & the Challenges They Bring in 2015

Vertic brought together a series of global industry leaders to discuss what they believe are the top marketing trends and challenges for 2015 and beyond. Here a...

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Happy Vertic-Versary to Jesper

Learn more about our Senior Developer as he celebrates his 4th year with Vertic!

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The Sitecore Experience Platform 8 is Here!

As a special holiday treat this year Sitecore released version 8 of their Content Management System (CMS), now known as the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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NYC Digital Marketing Events In January

Find out what's happening in NYC's Digital Marketing Indusry this month!

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What can you do with Augmented Reality?

AR apps allow you to interact with and understand your surroundings in ways that were never before possible.

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'Entangled Marketing' Featured In Berlingske Business

Danish news publisher, Berlingske Business, shares their insight on 'Entangled Marketing – Keep Your Customers Alive'. A book created by Vertic's CEO, Sebastian...

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Chapter 1 of 'Entangled Marketing' is Officially Out!

The advance from Mass Marketing to One-to-One marketing is about to take a quantum leap to the next big thing, the move to Entangled Marketing.

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Happy Vertic-Versary to Stacey

Learn more about our Senior UX Designer as she celebrates her 1 year anniversary with Vertic!

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Nobody Reads Copy Any More.

People no longer read newspapers. Book sales are in decline. Young people can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds. It’s all about visuals and video. Or so th...

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The New Era of Entanglement

If I had to sum up the presentations from Digital Copenhagen this past week, I’d say - The winning business model is one that leverages digital platforms to ent...

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How you can achieve 17% conversion rates from LinkedIn

From the days of being a competitor to Monster and CareerBuilder to now being a competitor in the publishing space, LinkedIn is constantly evolving.

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Hopping Off the Brand Site Assembly Line

As a digital agency we often collaborate with large clients that have global presence and multiple brands each needing to be represented through individual digi...

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My Experience at Vertic as a Graphic & Interactive Design Intern

It is known that finding a place to live in Copenhagen is hard, but finding an Internship in Copenhagen isn’t an easy task either. I held strong and gave everyt...

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Virtual Reality: The New Face of Media

Direct response marketing, banner advertising, and microsites are the status quo for driving customer awareness and engagement and we have seen the success of t...

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Achieving Extraordinary Customer Engagement that Anticipates Need

How would your business be affected if you could anticipate a potential customer’s next need or action?Vertic has developed a proven model that engages potentia...

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A Series of Games that has the Power to Bring the World Together

Futebol is unique in that it is a sport played around the world, and no other global event, ties the world together as the World Cup does. The World Cup is rank...

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Emotions DO Influence B2B Buying

Here at Vertic, we’ve been committed to helping Fortune 500 companies strengthen an affinity and emotional connection with their customers while driving tangibl...

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Vertic Signed a Book Deal!

Vertic is excited to announce that we have signed a book deal with global marketing icon Stanley Rapp. The book will be co-authored by Rapp and our CEO Sebastia...

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Asian consumers are more influenced by social than their EU and US counterparts. So what?

Social penetration and the commercial influence of social in the consumer decision journey go hand in hand in Asia. Forrester’s 2014 report: “Revealing The Soci...

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Simple truth, often forgotten

What is the space for emotions in marketing in the era of Big Data? 

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Understanding Consumers in the Financial Services Industry through Digital Brand IQ

According to McKinsey up to 30% of net profits are at risk if digital channels are not leveraged to their fullest potential.* A Digital Brand IQ assessment allo...

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Digital Brand Diamond & Asia

Brands are, to a lesser degree than previously, able to control the different and multiplying consumer touch points. This is especially true as consumers engage...

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Happy Birthday Anna!

Celebrating Anna's birthday with a gorgeous & decadent cake from Dean & Deluca. 

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Vertic Wins Gold for Microsoft Office 365 Campaign

November 15, 2013 New York. Last night at the Internationalist Awards, Vertic’s Microsoft Office 365 Campaign received the Gold Award for Innovative Digital Sol...

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Infographic: Driving Qualified Leads to Ensure Successful Customer Lifetime Value

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Role of digital in B2B decision making in APAC

The business-to-business decision-making process is under transformation.

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Cost per Acquisition and Customer Lifetime Value

It’s a common scenario: the pursuit of quality instead of quantity. Many marketers focus on developing a high number of leads because of a lower cost, rather th...

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Vertic and L2 Release the 2013 Digital IQ Index: Hotels Report

Today L2, in collaboration with Vertic, released the 2013 Digital IQ Index: Hotels report, which evaluates 48 hotel brands ranging in class (Economy, Midscale, ...

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The Future of the Hotel Industry

As mentioned in our previous post (“Hotels Should Jump on Board”), the hotel industry is experiencing intense global competition, and the only way to remain suc...

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Hotels Should Jump on Board: Pinterest's Potential for the Hotel Industry

The competition within the hotel segment is more intense than ever, due to the abundant amount of travel information and offerings the internet provides travele...

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The Virtual Concierge

Standard room with a double bed? Or a standard room at the perfect temperature, with a double bed with your favorite type of pillows, and a pre-booked massage. ...

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Travel Sector Ups Digital Ad Investment

US travel advertisers will dedicate $4.96 billion to digital in 2017, more than double the $2.4 billion they spent in 2011, according to eMarketer's digital ad ...

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The Travel Industry Personified

Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking online reviews before they book a vacation. A study from Embassy Suites Hotel reveals that more than three out of fou...

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Ex-Omnicom Executive Joins Vertic's Board of Directors

New York, N.Y. (July 10, 2013) - Vertic, a leading independent digital advertising agency, announced today that former Omnicom Group executive Tim Love has join...

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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Available Today in Limited Release!

Today’s limited release of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates marks a significant opportunity for brands to target and build relationships. Sponsored Updates will enabl...

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Food Truck Agencies

Buying lunch, choosing a husband, picking out an outfit, and choosing a digital agency, are just some of the decisions we are faced with in our lives. Although ...

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Working at Vertic

Become a Vertic Hero Today!

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How Digital Marketers can learn from Harry Potter

Zig Ziglar once commented, “Logic makes people think. Emotion makes people act”.

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Beyond a single website as the digital strategy

And why you should build a digital eco-system.

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Vertic implements multichannel digital platform at LEO

Real customer relations are generated when a brand succeeds in engaging users in an ongoing dialogue. 

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Vertic Heads to the West Coast!

Copenhagen, New York, Singapore and now.. Seattle!

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Beyond Keyword Research: Hierarchical Keyword Targeting

When launching any marketing strategy, you need to consider the habitual digital behavior of your customers in order to reach them.

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AdForum Names Vertic Agency of the Week!

We are excited to announce that as of today we are being featured on AdForum as “Agency of the Week”.

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Vertic Launches Konica Minolta Vertical City

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (KMBS) recognizes the importance of offering customized business solutions because they believe businesses can prosper when th...

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Inbound Marketing: The New Wave of Marketing

Inbound Marketing, written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, is the newest addition to our book collection here at Vertic. Halligan and Shah, founders of Hub...

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Vertic is sponsoring UX Camp CPH 2013

Vertic will be sponsoring and live-tweeting from UX Camp CPH 2013 this weekend.   

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Vertic’s Thoughts on Leveraging LinkedIn

The future success of marketing lies in delivering personalized and relevant content to users that can result in generating leads and increasing sales.

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Vertic Takes On Singapore

Asil Toksal, Vertic’s Executive Vice President of Technology and Innovation, began his journey to Singapore today, where he will head Vertic’s new office

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At SXSW, 6 Reasons Why Things Go Viral

What is with all those Harlem Shake videos? Everyone from the U.S Diving team to the Miami Heat has made their own version and reached over 30 million views. Wh...

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Just in From SXSW: Death of the Couch Potato: The Future of Social TV

Just in from #SXSW "Death to the Coach Potato!" TV is no longer a passive activity. #socialTV

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Using Digital Patient Insights to define a Digital Strategy

The relevance of digital intelligence derives from the fact that patients are more likely to go online than calling or visiting their GP.

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Social Media Week - Copenhagen

On suggestions from people who joined or didn't get a seat at our speaks - you can now download our presentations from the 2 events: "LinkedIn Lead-generation -...

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Happy Holidays!

It is time to celebrate the holidays!

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Vertic Wins DMA Green ECHO Award for Energy Transparency Campaign!

Vertic's Energy Transparency Campaign for Vestas won DMA Green ECHO Award last night in Las Vegas!

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New Webinar With Social Media Today: 9/25/2012 @ 12:00 EST

Join Vertic for a webinar hosted today (9/25/2012) at 12:00 by Social Media Today that asks how advertising and PR agencies changed since the times of Mad Men.

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Vertic shortlisted for B2B Marketing Awards 2012

Vertic campaign for Vestas one of eight shortlisted for B2B Marketing Award.

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Vertic commissioned for digital study in Fragrance industry

L2 releases their Digital IQ Index for the Fragrance industry. Vertic was asked to rate and rank more than 100 brands.

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Vertic launches Kinect game to train Microsoft OEM Partners

Vertic launched an innovative sales training solution at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto last week.

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Create Business, Not Buzz!

Here in Cannes, one theme stands out when reviewing the gold-winning campaigns from the 2012 Cannes Lions Awards: they not only create creative buzz and engage ...

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Live @ Cannes Lions - Day 3

Walking into the Palais de Festival was not as determined as the previous two days as we encountered countless sunglasses covering tired eyes (and some would sa...

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Live @ Cannes Lions - Day 2

It was another perfect day in Cannes – the glistening sun, clear blue waters and towards the waves of agency professionals in the Palais des Festivals.

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Live @ Cannes Lions - Day 1

After the 1st official day here at Cannes Lions 2012, The International Festival of Creativity, there is especially one theme that is obvious and to no one’s su...

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The Best 3 Panels From 2012 Internet Week NYC

We attended 2012 Internet Week last week here in New York. Get our take on the best panels from the event.

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Live @ Cannes Lions - Day 1 (Part 2)

Amidst white sand beaches, quaint French balconies and bottles of rose, Cannes has been invaded by an influx of flipflops, sunglasses and bright t-shirts where ...

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The Year of the Enterprise Tablet - Infographic

Enterprises have willingly and unwillingly started seeing an increase in tablets at work.

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Another Award For Vertic

Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Vertic have won a Gold Internationalist award for our “Energy Transparency” campaign.

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Vertic at SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive has a soggy beginning...

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New Site for Time, Inc

Time Inc.asked Vertic, as a specialist in Enterprise-level WordPress, to create its leading online publication, Life.com.

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Ben Smith Announced FITC Toronto 2012 Presenter

Ben Smith has been announced as a FITC Toronto 2012 presenter on the subject of Object Oriented Programming.

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The Tablet Economy - Infographic

Tablets seem to be everywhere today; from people on the Subway, to cash registers at restaurants, to blue chip CEOs’ briefing kits.

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Vertic Creates a One-of-a-Kind Marketing Campaign

Vertic has created a campaign for Vestas that asks 600 top executives at global brands to promote direct investment in wind.

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Actually Listening or Waiting to Talk?

A question some companies currently fail to answer is; “how are you using the information gathered from monitoring?”

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Recap: Mobile Social Communication 2011

On Wednesday, September 21st, Vertic was fortunate enough to be invited to this year’s Mobile Social Communication conference.

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Vertic is attending Mobile Social Communications 2011

Vertic will attend Mobile Social Communications 2011 on September 21st, and will be live blogging from the event. Tune in at 8:30 a.m. at www.vertic.com/liveblo...

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Recap: Gamification Summit

Thursday and Friday last week, Vertic attended the Gamification Summit (www.gsummit.com) for the first time.

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Ambu App Developed by Vertic in the Top 10

Vertic has developed an app for Ambu that is now in the top 10 most downloaded apps in the healthcare industry, having been downloaded more than 3,500 times in ...

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Vertic Is At Gamification Summit 2011

Vertic will be blogging live from Gamification Summit 2011.

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A Cultural Clash of Good or Bad? Hipster Ipsum Has Been Launched

The traits of the hipster are very distinct and well-known for almost everyone, which have caused people to either love them or love to hate them.

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Kenneth Cole Launched “Aggressive” Campaign

Is the latest campaign by Kenneth Cole actually a daring endeavor based on the belief that attack is the best defense, or can Kenneth Cole simply launch whateve...

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Perspectives on Google's Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Google acquired Motorola Mobility on Monday. Since then the possible reasons for the acquisition have been discussed almost everywhere online. Vertic brings you...

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Ferrosan Choose Vertic To Improve Their Digital Presence

Vertic chosen by Ferrosan following comprehensive RFP process. Vertic will be tasked with improving Ferrosan's overall digital presence.

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Social Gaming

Social gaming is one of the few emerging media platforms that generates an unprecedented amount of stickiness compared to traditional 'offline' games and other ...

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Our New Name & Site!

The VerticPortals family is happy to announce that as of July 1, 2011 we have officially changed our name to Vertic.

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Big, But Not at Making Money

Pandora’s IPO last week caused a symptomatic response from different industry experts about internet companies’ ability to generate profits.

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Twitter Present and Future

A new survey by Edison Research and Arbitron shows that Twitter has a serious awareness vs. usage problem.

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Social Media, Motivation, Participation, and Tangible KPIs

People might be participating because they “like” a brand on Facebook, “follow” a ditto on Twitter, or “check in” through Foursquare, but this should be interpr...

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Embracing and Exploiting A New Level of Consumer Engagement

The potential for consumer engagement within social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., tends to split opinion: successful marketing has either b...

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Lady Gaga - The Social Marketing Phenomenon

Gaga is mostly known for her music but what I think is impressive is her ability to market herself.

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Who's Who Online - the Lack of Online Transparency

As dialogue moves online between companies and customers and back between customers and companies, knowing who you are actually talking to becomes less transpar...

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More Seniors Online

The latest Nielsen study shows that more and more seniors 65 or older are online and they are spending more time online in the U.S.

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Rock and Roll Social Media

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources and this time it’s all about rock and roll.

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From Site Building to Channel Building

An emerging trend is a growing focus on channel building when companies grow and expand their efforts online.

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Social Relationship Management Explained

As our eyes are opened up to the expanding communication connections between companies and the world they live in, a new concept has emerged known as Social Rel...

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Social Media Marketing Is People Power

One of the really fascinating attributes of social media marketing is both scary and tempting at the same time, at least from a company’s perspective.

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Spotify - a Lesson in Strategy from the Music Industry

I have always had a soft spot for strategy and the Internet has forced some fast-paced strategic shifts upon many a business. One of the hardest hit is the musi...

dec 22 2014
'Entangled Marketing' Featured In Berlingske Business
Danish news publisher, Berlingske Business, shares their insight on 'Entangled Marketing – Keep Your Customers Alive'. A book created by Vertic's CEO, Sebastian Jespersen and Co-Founder of Rapp Agency, Stan Rapp.
'Entangled Marketing' Featured In Berlingske Business
by Chanel Robinson

Danish news publisher, Berlingske Business, shares their insight on 'Entangled Marketing – Keep Your Customers Alive'. A book created by Vertic's CEO, Sebastian Jespersen and Co-Founder of Rapp Agency, Stan Rapp. Below we have translated the article into English. Read the orginal article here.

Here are the men behind the advertising history’s next chapter. 

Stan Rapp was the inventor of several concepts that have driven the advertising industry for the past 40 years. Sebastian Jespersen is Danish, and with his digital marketing agency, Vertic, he has gained a solid foothold within both the US and Asia. Together, they have written a book on the future of marketing. 

Two years ago, marketing legend Stan Rapp came in second on a pitch whilst working at his former agency Engauge. For Rapp, who is often referred to as the godfather of direct marketing, this was a rare occurrence. Desperate to meet the man behind the winning bid, he had a mutual friend arrange a lunch. The man behind the winning pitch was Sebastian Jespersen, and the two immediately clicked. Now, they are together writing a book about the advertising world’s next super trend. 

Sebastian Jespersen is founder and CEO of the 12-year-old digital marketing agency, which specializes in direct marketing by often partnering with other leading direct marketing companies such as professional Social Media network LinkedIn. In other words, Jespersen is a mere rookie compared to Stan Rapp. Yet when the pair met, it quickly became apparent that despite the age difference, they shared the same belief about an imminent direct marketing quantum leap. 

An integral part of the consumer’s life 

It dawned on Sebastian and Stan, that by collaborating, they would finally be able to put words to the next big marketing trend. Their book “Entangled Marketing – Keep Your Customers Alive”, is scheduled to be published in 2015. The subject of the book can best be translated with intertwined marketing and according to Rapp and Jespersen, this is where the advertising industry needs to go in the era of the Internet. 

“I have asked myself for the last 15 years what the Internet has meant to marketing, and now I think that Sebastian and I are able to answer the question. The Internet has brought the possibility of entanglement. It is no longer about selling; it is about becoming an integral part of the consumer’s life. Consumers have become too smart for us to sell them something. We have to win them to our side and become part of the community, who believe in the brand. And then we can start selling”, Stan says. 

A legend

 Rapp is the mastermind behind trends that to this day continue to define how we interact with brands. Stan has both the credentials and reputation to impress most, and internationally acclaimed TV-series ‘Mad Men’ also draws on Stan’s experience. 

The introduction of a new super trend usually means that something else is passé. In this case, this would affect the concept of direct marketing, a concept Stan Rapp actually helped to feed. The same applies to “one-to-one marketing”, as Stan Rapp was the first to describe this perspective in his book “Maxi Marketing” from 1989. It was his first book, and it builds on the experiences and struggles of several decades on Madison Avenue. 

Fans of the TV-series “Mad Men” may feel that they know exactly how Stan Rapp’s daily work life looked and felt, which is not entirely wrong. The creators of the series have done their job well, Stan says. 

In “Mad Men”, one-to-one marketing was depicted through the purchase of a container-sized personal computer – much to the dissatisfaction of the creative teams. 

Stop shooting with buckshots

Early in his career, Stan Rapp argued that the advertising agencies should stop shooting with buckshots. 

“In the first part of my career, I spoke against the major television campaigns, because mass marketing went over the heads of people. The idea was that the campaigns had to be creative, but actually they were just stupid”, Stan Rapp says. In the “Mad Men” days it was all about mass marketing. The message was rumbled out as well as it could be done through ads, and later on via TV commercials. With the introduction of computers, one-to-one marketing grew and was quickly followed by direct marketing, which is still the major trend. But it sidesteps, the two authors believe. The recipients are simply becoming more or less immune to messages; even if they hit those using tools of direct marketing. 

“My partner Tom Collins, with whom I wrote “Maxi Marketing”, was the first to use the term one-to-one marketing. Now we will change this definition, fundamentally and forever”, says Rapp. 

Strong affiliation

The two co-authors complement each other, as if they had known one another for more than two years. They return again and again to a metaphor from quantum physics, which also seems to fit in their relationship; two particles come close together and act as one. “When one particle rotates, the second particle rotates at the same speed. Although they are far apart, they behave as if they are only one particle” Sebastian says, and transfers it to the relationship between consumers and brands in entangled marketing. 

“You have an equal and meaningful relationship. The consumer has the opportunity to influence the brand, and the brand can respond in a meaningful way. That is the new”, Sebastian says. 


Rapp and Sebastian are early out of the starting block; very few companies today have this kind of cohesion with their customers. “Many big brands create a very close relationship to consumers, but they are not utilizing it to the fullest. They are too focused on the transactions – on customers to buy the product. Instead, they should focus on keeping the customers alive figuratively. Harley Davidson is a good example, Nike is another”, Sebastian says. Stan Rapp deepens: “Harley Davidson owners own more than a motorcycle. They own the relationship with all the other Harley Davidson owners. Every fifth year they gather with other motorcycle owners, they learn to drive on the bike, they help you to talk to your friends about the motorcycle. You become entangled in so many ways. Apple is another example of a brand that consumers have taken into their heart and as a part of their personality. Cohesion is so strong that users stick, even if the company makes mistakes or launch defective products to the market” Stan says. “When the iPhone 6 came out, it dawned on people that one of the models could be bent. Other brands would have seen sales figures fall dramatically, but because it was Apple, people quickly forgot because they have reached the point where the product is a part of the self-understanding of the person who buys it. This applies to Apple and a few other brands”, Stan says. According to Rapp and Jespersen, all types of businesses and industries can use entangled marketing, and performance goes across the entire marketing industry’s toolbox. 

Extreme proximity 

Sebastian Jespersen highlights Vertic’s work for the pharmaceutical company Leo Pharma as some of the closest you can get to entangled marketing. “There are no examples of outright Entangled Marketing, but what we have done for Leo Pharma comes very close. It created a meaningful relationship between Leo Pharma and their patients. It cuts across all channels and includes everything from e-mail to the website for dialogue with the nurse and so on. All channels will learn from each other and learn how users react, and it will be updated across” Sebastian says. The keyword is proximity. Extreme proximity. “Whether it is a corporate client or a consumer, it must be personal. We have access to a huge amount of information, but the key is to look directly at what the most important thing in a certain person’s life is”, Stan says. 

Listen to customers 

Of course there are pitfalls. It is not hard to create cohesion between the brand and consumers, the two authors believe. But if the relationship is not maintained the right way, it will end and create significant damage. “If the brand forgets an entangled consumer, they also forget themselves”, Sebastian says and continues with an example: “Maybe it was exactly what happened to Nokia. They had a stable product that everyone – at least outside the US – was in love with, but they were so introvert that they developed their own platform instead of working with others. Even if it was for the benefit of consumers, Nokia forgot to listen to their customers, and what was important to them”, Sebastian says, referring to the Finnish mobile manufacturer, which in recent years fought a hard battle for survival of their mobile business, eventually sold to Microsoft in 2013. 

Entangled marketing is a product of time. Both born of, and dependent of the Internet. 

“Mass marketing was all about how to influence people with messages and massive branding of a specific brand name into people’s consciousness. Direct was about how you did things for people and with people. Then came the Internet. It was like a rocket engine under all of what we tried to do with direct marketing. Previously, the problem was that direct mail is expensive, and that there were limits to what you could do in a direct relationship. That was completely changed by the Internet”, Stan says. 


All of his points links through the history of advertising. For Sebastian Jespersen, it is not without humbleness and admiration that he is now working with one of the grand old masters in the field. “I meet so many people who are over-enthusiastic about the technology itself, but to meet the person who has defined some of the essential disciplines of marketing and put words to the core principles is very rewarding. Although Stan has been in the industry for so many years, he is more aware of the entrepreneurs and the new way to get in touch with consumers than I am. It is a great inspiration to me”, Sebastian says. However, there is no junior/senior relationship between the two. Rapp is equally fascinated by Sebastian’s experience in digital marketing. “We have good chemistry. My experience tells me that there are people who I instantly identify with because of their intellect and personality. After a few moments with Sebastian, I was thrilled – interested to hear what he had to say and the things that excites me excite him” Stan says. 

The last book 

The book Entangled Marketing” will be his eighth – the seven previous books predicted in each of their time for the next big trends in marketing. But “Entangled Marketing” will be the last, according to the plan. With Entangled Marketing the brand will be a part of the consumer’s life and personality. Right now it’s hard to see how one could develop marketing longer than that.

The definition of entangled marketing according to Rapp and Jespersen: “Entangled Marketing is a new business model that enables organizations to create a supportive, enduring and mutually rewarding relationship between the brand and the customer.”