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Re-invention of a Corporate Website for a Company Fueled by Invention


Since its inception in the late 19th century, GE has been fueled by innovation, and today GE continues to rank among the world’s leading digital industrial companies. 
GE’s vision was to create a new benchmark for their website at a time when the “customer experience” aspect of corporate websites was undergoing massive change. Rather than updating a static site to simply showcase products and services, corporate brands now understand the value of putting customer needs first.  With its heritage of invention and leadership, the new GE.com had to redefine “best practice” for corporate websites, while driving a tangible business impact.


Through proprietary research insights and a deep understanding of business-to-business user behavior, Vertic realized how customized, highly-relevant experiences could support GE’s position as a “digital industrial company” and transform GE.COM to a search gateway as the primary destination for all of GE’s website traffic.
The vision was to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the platform’s experience, as to dramatically enhance that experience based on insights about users’ needs.  Site visitors would be presented with animated search phrases, questions and terms to incite them to engage and enter a search query of their own.  In return, users received contextualized content recommendations to improve and simplify their experience, while helping move them forward in their decision journey.


Content at GE.COM no longer needed to be “pushed” from brand to stakeholder.  In fact, users no longer needed to navigate deep within the site to seek key information, but were empowered to find results quickly and easily. The traditional linear experience, defined by standard site navigation and menus, was replaced with an intelligent and proactive “circular” user journey.  Interested site visitors never found a “dead end” as they were continually presented with relevant content to explore while advancing through one phase of their decision journey to the next— without ever seeing a typical “search results” page.  Furthermore, by translating a user’s search intent into predictive search options and contextualizing their search results, brand content was suggested for related subjects that the individual may not yet have considered.  

Core Service Line User Experience/ Interface Design
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Anna Doan Anna Doan Executive Program Director
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