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SAP Store

Creating a best-in-class user experience for the worlds Business Software Leader.


SAP, the software giant, has multiple store owners and platforms with no single entry point to stores. As a result, experience and design were deeply fragmented with the Stores featured on multiple platforms and sites, including HTML, Silverlight and iOS native app. Additionally, SAP was primed to launch a new HTML 5 store via the Tablet, adding to the design dilemma.



It began with visual alignment. With the upcoming launch of the Tablet SAP Store, Vertic created a unifying design that was flexible enough for all of the platforms as well as the Tablet SAP Store in HTML 5. Those unifying design elements were then expanded upon in phase 2. User experience best practices were brought into the mix to rethink the user experience in terms of user needs, user journey, navigation and prioritization and flow of content across pages.

The Phase 2 redesign used a Responsive Design methodology that ensures mobile accessibility in a single HTML 5 design while delivering a cohesive online brand experience across devices and a prioritization of content based on user needs.


SAP Store has transformed and redefined the concept of the industry’s online shop. The SAP Store is built on a B-to-B-to-C approach and as more solutions become available online and across devices, SAP continues to gain traction and reach new and existing customers.

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Anna Doan Anna Doan Executive Program Director
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