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A Differentiated Product with New User Value


SAP is a world leader in enterprise software with long-standing relationships at the highest levels of corporate IT decision-making. 

Their newest business unit, SAP XM, provided a transformational product within the media and advertising industry, and, therefore, required new C-Suite discussions with Chief Marketing Officers, rather than Chief Technology Officers who generally coordinated software services.  


SAP XM worked with Vertic as the lead strategic and creative innovation partner for the launch through product concept, user experience, visual design, brand identity and marketing delivery. In fact, Vertic’s concept of Entangled Marketing became the basis for how a cloud-based product like SAP XM needed critical marketing and product alignment at all stages of the customer decision journey.

The Vertic strategy began with influencer studies, key persona development, as well as research and analysis centered on understanding the needs of the ultimate user in the marketing department. This shifted SAP’s basis of communications from product-centric to customer-centric through an “outside-in” data-driven methodology. This strategy incorporated insights about key issues within the advertising and media industry, followed by a needs-analysis to inform the brand and product positioning, messaging statements and implementations for a best-in-class user experience. 


Vertic ultimately formed a tightly-knit collaboration with SAP XM’s own internal product and UX teams to create a concept based on SAP guidelines, but with a unique interface easily differentiated from other SAP products, as well as existing industry offerings. A media plan dynamically customized content for a potential customer’s decision journey from initial awareness of industry issues to specific product solutions to buying considerations and, ultimately, to usage. The goal was a truly entangled relationship between SAP XM and a customer that provided value at any stage of the involvement process.

Core Service Line User Experience/ Interface Design
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Anna Doan Anna Doan Executive Program Director
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