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Forrester + Vertic
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“Companies that really want to achieve a “share of life” relationship with customers will need to do right by them — not just for a moment, not just for a campaign, but for life.”

James McQuivey, Ph.D. is a VP and principal analyst at Forrester.


Forrester publications that discuss the Share of Life model

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James McQuivey, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, stopped by the Vertic office and sat down with our CEO Sebastian Jespersen to chat about how companies can achieve a “Share of Life” relationship with customers. A few of the key discussion points were recorded by James and published on his podcast.

Read the Forrester blog post

The podcast was accompanied by a blog post that was written following James’ visit. It reflects on the discussion, the tie-ins between Forrester’s previous research in the space and Share of Life, and the future shift in marketing that will come as a result of this new way of thinking.

Read the blog post

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