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We've worked closely with some of the most influential forces in healthcare worldwide

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Healthcare experience

Changes in the healthcare
market means new challenges

We help healthcare companies integrate online and digital tools in healthcare marketing.

Conventional tactics such as conferences and face-to-face details will remain important tools when marketing devices and drugs. Yet, legislation and costs have made conferences less efficient in healthcare marketing and physicians are becoming more hesitant in receiving visits by sales reps.

At the same time physicians are increasingly turning to online resources for continuous medical education (CME), retrieving patient education materials, viewing guidelines, and more.

Our experience with medico and pharma advertising and marketing combined with our ability to create innovative digital concepts make Vertic a digital healthcare marketing specialist - and a solid partner when you need to implement effective marketing strategies.

The changing market and competitive environment call for new, innovative methods for healthcare marketing. Vertic delivers online marketing solutions for healthcare companies, from early pre-launch through the entire product life cycle.

One of our core competences is to understand your product life cycle and identify the digital activities that best support marketing goals within each phase. Our global presence means that we can deliver your digital healthcare solution to any market.

Healthcare services

We are passionate about matching the challenges of the healthcare market

Our profound experience with healthcare brands throughout the product life cycle and ability to make creative digital concepts that cuts through the clutter of competing messages is what sets Vertic aside as a true digital healthcare marketing specialist.

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Mikkel Arnoldi

Mikkel Arnoldi

Global Head of Vertic Healthcare

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