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7 Steps To A Digital Engagement Strategy for Physicians

As physicians increasingly turn to digital for information gathering disease and treatment,  brand websites are inevitably necessary and important ingredients i...

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A Review of Corporate Websites in the Pharmaceutical industry

Tone of voice, design choices and user experience are fragmented and often inspired by best practices from the period between 2009 and 2011. There is a big oppo...

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From "Sickcare" to Real Healthcare- The Next Business Model in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The economic rationale behind preventative maintenance is established across most industries (servicing of our private cars, railway infrastructures, escalators...

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Analysis or Insights?

“Do you conduct primary market research?” This is one of the inevitable questions I am asked by brand managers in pharmaceutical companies while advising them o...

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Are you pre-disease or healthy?

The business case for keeping "the healthy" healthy is undeniable. Technology and Big Data makes it possible to monitor the state of your health and make preven...

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LinkedIn - the undisputed Social Media Market Leader in the pharmaceutical industry?

87% trust LinkedIn as a source of information affecting decision making. And the medical audience is substantial as reflected in the following numbers.

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How digital is reinventing everything in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is facing the intersection of a previously unseen rate of technological adoption andfundamental changes to its business model.