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Allergy Unlocked

Targeting and supporting patients to take action offline


Reaching your target audience can be daunting when your product represents a treatment outside the usual paradigm. When your competitors are Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies with deep pockets, your challenge gets even bigger.

This was the reality facing ALK, a smaller pharmaceutical company offering an allergy cure – immunotherapy - rather than symptomatic treatment. Despite being blessed with a unique treatment model, it was challenging to cut through the clutter to deliver messaging, especially in a crowded space where competitors invest extensively in digital to gain stakeholder attention. And since immunotherapy requires adherence over a significant period time, only highly motivated allergy sufferers can be expected to buy into the idea of a cure. This required a targeted approach to all communication activities for them to work. 


Vertic defined personas representing the psychological profiles of people dissatisfied with symptomatic allergy. These definitions were driven by digital intelligence – Vertic’s digital brand IQ – and ALK’s existing market research. Based on these profiles, content and tools were conceptualized, designed and implemented. Allergy-unlocked.com is optimized against the search behavior of allergy personas, offering relevant content and tools for understanding immunotherapy better. It allows the personas to gather relevant info on a personal page and motivates them to carry this information into a consultation with an allergy specialist.    

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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