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Digital Strategy

How ALK defined a digital strategy and roadmap based on customer online behavior and needs


The task at hand was to define a digital strategy that cuts through the clutter to deliver messaging, especially in a crowded space where competitors invest extensively in digital solutions to gain stakeholder attention and maintain a strong position.


Together with ALK, Vertic defined the process for development and execution of a digital strategy that consisted of a two-step process: a) Acquisition of digital insights and b) A subsequent digital strategy. The approach was to listen and understand how customers use digital technology to research the allergy space and how online behavior impacts their decision journey. The next step was to formulate a strategy based on these findings.

Digital IQ
Acquisition of digital insights is based on Digital IQ, a Vertic conceptual model with a proven track record of delivering high-impact results. Digital IQ identifies the voice of the customer (patients and HCPs) by analyzing search behavior and social media conversations. Whereas the voice of the customer represents the demand side, the IQ also surveys the supply side in terms of documenting the content and services offered by competitors in the digital space. The gap between digital demand and supply constitutes the brand’s digital opportunity space and forms the basis for a digital strategy.

Digital Strategy
The development of a digital strategy is anchored in a defined digital ambition, KPIs, and a number of scoring criteria used to evaluate individual digital assets. Working towards establishing a digital ecosystem that interlinks all relevant digital assets and makes them available to relevant users, Vertic developed a catalogue of digital assets that were aligned with the digital ambition and ranked according to the agreed scoring criteria. Based on our knowledge, we then formulated a digital strategy. Each asset was described with terms of a) insight and rationale, b) opportunity, c) concept outline, d) context, and e) target audience reach. The final strategy document includes digital, print, event, and interactive/engagement assets that were grouped into primary, secondary, excelling, and engagement clusters.


The outcomes of the work so far are two successfully launched awareness sites, targeting patients with pollen and house dust mite allergies. Each site focuses on both disease/treatment awareness and an event solution. A healthcare professional awareness site is underway and a digital guideline (targeting internal ALK stakeholders) on how to continue building the digital ecosystem has already been implemented. An additional number of assets are currently being prepared, ultimately positioning ALK as market leader in the allergy immunotherapy category.

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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