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HCP-Patient Dialogue Tool

How Eli Lilly facilitates a dialogue that drives prescription behavior within the Erectile Dysfunction disease area


The task at hand was thus to develop a tool that will facilitate a dialogue between HCPs and patients about ED in an effective, respectable, and engaging manner while helping HCPs and patients select the appropriate treatment option – all in less than 10 minutes.


The solution is delivered as a web app and is based on the idea of e-detailing familiar in the pharmaceutical industry. The app takes the e-detailing idea a step further and facilitates an exchange in which the HCP details the patients. It has three distinct sections. The first section prepares the HCPs for the consultation and informs them about official disease guidelines, diagnosing methodologies, and available treatment options for ED. Secondly, a section helps HCPs convey relevant information to patients and engages them during the consultation. Interactive and engaging educational material helps the HCP open and guide the dialogue, with reference of themes related to life style, risk factors, individual patient’s needs relating to their sexual well-being, and questions, in order to find the right treatment option. Thirdly, a post-consultation section gives the HCP an opportunity to send relevant material directly to patients based on the dialogue they had - without collecting any patient data. This possibility was something many HCPs have directly asked for, as they believe that it is important that patients get the opportunity to review the material after the consultation undistrubed and in the privacy of their own homes.


Taking communication between HCPs and patients to the next level, Eli Lilly and Vertic managed to deliver an innovative dialogue tool – useful before, during, and after the consultation – that enables HCPs and patients to make qualified and informed decisions about the individual patient’s treatment needs. So far, the dialogue tool has been launched in the Nordic markets and a patient website has been developed based on the app.

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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