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ISPAD 2013 – Social Media at Healthcare Conferences

Conquering the digital space through social media to ensure event ROI


Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company, wanted to increase awareness of their point of view on the pediatric dimensions of diabetes during ISPAD, a global conference for pediatric specialists within the diabetes area. Typically this involves conducting presentations at the conference and manning a booth.   Novo Nordisk wanted instead to leverage digital to get the attention of participants as well as non-participants. Vertic’s task was to define a digital initiative to deliver on this objective. 


To reach as many people as possible, Vertic conceptualized and implemented a Twitter-driven initiative at the conference.  First, we researched the conference program, identified relevant tracks, workshops and keynote speakers. We then developed tweets and content that was shared on the twitter hash tag (#ispad) at relevant points during the meetings.

To extend their reach, Novo Nordisk sponsored the Wi-Fi at the conference, allowing us to promote the hash tag and content each time participants connected to Wi-Fi. The twitter profile was strengthened before the conference by making content marketing campaigns to increase the number of followers and by collaborating with on social media.  In sum, the digital visibility of the Novo Nordisk point of view was greater than any other player during the conference. 

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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