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KOL Based Training

KOL Based Training


The medical device company, Ambu,
is a market leader within the
difficult airway management
product category. In the industry,
correct product usage is inevitably
pivotal to ensure optimal patient

Therefore, efficient training of
healthcare professionals (HCPs)
at hospitals is a key success factor.
However, attendance based training
is sometimes inefficient due to
the significant staff turnover in
the wards, and there are significant
logistical challenges related
to gathering relevant hospital
staff for training sessions.


Vertic created an interactive video-based eLearning solution that provided training to Anesthesiologists within applicable areas of their practice.  The online training allows healthcare professional professional to do training on an ad hoc basis and in a pierce meal manner, going in and out of the sessions dependent on time available. The training was conducted by KOLs within airway management and the eLearning portal was promoted through personal invitation, interactive video banners and general advertising. The training was also made available as a mobile app. 

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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