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Psoriasis Patient Support Service

Revolutionizing the Dialogue with Patients through Digital


People who suffer from psoriasis, a disease for which there is no known cure, face numerous challenges that directly impact their quality of life, including psychosocial and self-management issues. LEO, a leading global pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology, wanted a way to serve patient needs beyond the pharmacological solution. The challenge was to define a scalable digital service that would add value to psoriasis patients on an everyday basis. 


We got up close and personal with patients to get a true sense of their daily challenges living with this disease. This approach resulted in the Patient Support Service which came from extensive patient research, including anthropological studies (living with patients), offline focus groups and digital intelligence featuring both social media monitoring, search analysis and digital competitor analysis.   

Vertic developed a global digitally centered dialogue program for patients at LEO, where content delivered to the users is carefully tailored according to the profile of the users. The profiling is customer needs based. Needs are defined in two ways. First, explicitly, by users completing a needs analysis at different points in the dialogue plan. Second, implicitly, by inferring needs via monitoring the behavior of users across website, email, SMS and offline interactions.

Personalization is made by configuring the rules engine offered by the Sitecore Engagement platform. This means that specific needs combinations trigger unique interventions. Examples include:

  • Behavior on the website can trigger a notification to a nurse for an outbound call. Based on the call with the patients, the nurse can tailor subsequent digital interactions, such as the content presented on the personal page of the patient.
  • Needs expressed online can trigger the creation of a personalized print magazine. The relevant print file is sent to a local print house and the magazine is delivered to the physical address of the user.
  • Based on the level of engagement in the dialogue program, new levels of content and more refined patient needs (e.g. psycho-social support) are catered for in the solution.

All interaction points with users are tracked via Sitecore, and goal setting is implemented across the different channels. This allows Vertic to continuously optimize the fabric of the dialogue program, not based on hypotheses, but on actual behavior.

So what is new?

  1. Personalization across channels, i.e. website, SMS, email and offline featuring print and call center interaction
  2. Gradual introduction of user needs, as user engagement develops through the dialogue program
  3. Inferring needs from behavior combined with explicit needs to define user profile
  4. Tracking of all touch points
  5. Implemented based on a standard functionality from a best practice engagement platform - Sitecore
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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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