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World Health Organization Immunization App

Keeping Kids Healthy by Keeping Parents Informed


The World Health Organization (WHO) is fighting a widespread tendency:  Parents forget to adhere to the national immunization scheme for their children, thereby significantly increasing the risk of children contracting terminal diseases. Parents also sometimes forget the vaccinations already made, further jeopardizing their children’s health.


A significant increase of smartphones globally offered a new way to reach parents worldwide. Vertic was tasked with developing a mobile application to address the issue.  

We developed an app that contains the national immunization schedules for more than 100 countries around the world. It allows tracking and ongoing notifications of parents according to the national schedule based on the age and vaccination profiles of the children in case. The app is developed for iOS and Android based on a shared code base that’s driven by the technical framework Mono. This facilitates making continuous updates efficiently across all mobile platforms, which can then be pushed to users of the app internationally. 

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Mikkel Arnoldi Mikkel Arnoldi Global Head of Vertic Healthcare
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