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Digital Strategy

How your brand should use digital.  

The concepts offered by digital change constantly and rapidly. On any given day one digital concept claims to be critical to a healthcare business while the next day another one is praised as the solution. With significant structural changes in the healthcare sector, a conservative mindset at the executive level and high risk sensitivity at most healthcare companies, it can hard to determine what to do -- and what not to do – regarding a digital strategy.  

Vertic’s digital strategy maps business goals to digital solutions. It begins with an inspirational digital session showcasing best practices from both within and outside the healthcare industry. Using digital KPIs, we define strategic success criteria for digital activity. Based on a brainstorming session, digital concepts are scored, described, visualized, priced and timed into a defined digital strategy.     

The digital strategy links business objectives strategically to digital solutions. The criteria for success also allow us to continuously score and refine new concepts and ideas to address marketplace changes.

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