Social Gaming

A white paper by VerticPortals

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Social gaming has become a significant part of social networks and has leveraged new ways to exploit the so far unfulfilled advertising and marketing potential of social networks.

So far, a wide range of social games have achieved impressive levels of monthly active users, and have generated significant revenue through virtual goods.

To this end, social gaming has evolved into being both an advertising platform and a revenue driver to companies. The impressive levels of users were last exemplified by Cityville that within just eleven days reached 22 million monthly active users. Given the scope and success of social gaming, we at VerticPortals found it imperative to publish how we assess social gaming, its potential, and how companies can utilize social gaming as part of their online presence.

Social Gaming by VerticPortals is an easy read yet comprehensive presentation of the characteristics of social gaming, the potential social gaming holds in regards to marketing and advertising, and the future of social gaming. The white paper is a must-read for any company or brand that aspires to improve their performance on social networks and engage in social gaming.