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Healthcare Apps


People are embracing tablets and smartphones at a rapid rate and increasingly using them for healthcare purposes. The industry’s challenge is how to effectively use this new channel to reach their target audience.  


The answer is to develop apps for consumers that are integral and critical to their health,  and wellness management or health practice. Successful apps serve a specific purpose, whether it’s a dosage calculator, an emergency kit, a tracking functionality, a wiki, a reminder feature or similar. The relevance of the offering being mobile should be obvious to the user, and the app should at best live up to the “toothbrush test”, i.e. be relevant for use twice a day.  


Companies have the opportunity to connect with stakeholders every time they download an app on their tablet or Smartphone. This enables them to dialogue with customers, forge customer relationships and develop a connection that can lead to greater brand preference. This ultimately can lead to increased sales and a superior ROI.