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We are a strategic digital agency dedicated to creating groundbreaking solutions.

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We are made up of individuals driven by creativity, innovation and spirit. We thrive on redefining the digital space.

We can't stand average, and our clients can't either.

About Vertic

Success means building client brands while creating tangible business results and award-winning solutions.

What is Vertic?

Since Vertic's launch in 2002, we've been fiercely dedicated to developing digital solutions that help our Fortune 500 clients build their brands, provide superior customer experiences and generate tangible business results. Our approach is interdisciplinary, combining strategy, storytelling, creativity and interactive design. We're independently owned with offices in New York, Seattle, Copenhagen, and Singapore.

Our Vision

At Vertic we believe people must be engaged when interacting with a brand. That’s why our solutions allow the user to develop an affinity and an emotional bond with the brand. This means our work changes consumer behavior and in doing so, generates demand for our clients' brands, products and solutions.

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian Jespersen

    CEO & President

  • Camilla

    Camilla Grove Pelle

    Account Director

  • Mads

    Mads Krogh Petersen

    Co-founder & President, APAC

  • Laurence

    Laurence Lipworth

    EVP Client Engagement

  • Tina

    Tina Dejan

    Managing Director Vertic Denmark and CHRO

  • Jonas

    Jonas Kochen

    Group Creative Director

  • Asil

    Asil Toksal

    GM, APAC

  • Anna

    Anna Doan

    Executive Program Director

  • Henrik

    Henrik Ebbesen

    Director of Technology

  • Mikkel

    Mikkel Arnoldi

    Global Head of Vertic Healthcare

  • Johnni

    Johnni Jorgensen

    Director of Technology

  • Jens

    Jens Lerno Storm

    Head of Global Sales

  • I love our collective power to combine Business understanding with both Creativity and Technology.

    Henrik Ebbesen Director of Technology at Vertic
  • Lone

    Lone Poulsen

    Head of Project Management

  • Murat

    Murat Zubcevic

    Senior Digital Business Consultant

  • Steven

    Steven Lamensdorf

    Senior Director, Head of Media

  • Katja Hviid

    Katja Hviid Haglund

    Creative Director

Want to Join Us?

If you don't see a listing that pertains to your genius, send your resume/portfolio to work@vertic.com. Tell us how you can make us even better and demand to be heard. Don't hesitate!

We want you

Can you do something unique, or can you contribute with a unique perspective that we simply won't miss out on?

Then you should send us your application. Job opportunities worldwide are posted below.

If you don't see a listing that pertains to your genius, send your resume/portfolio, tell us how you can make us even better and demand to be heard. Don't hesitate!

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  • Account Manager

    Greater Seattle Area

    With our rapid growth, we are seeking an Account Manager to assist the growth of Vertic’s most recent office opening in Seattle, in particular with management of key account, Microsoft.  Our clients value us for our collaborative yet agile approach, and passion for reinventing digital marketing solutions through seamless execution. This candidate will be responsible for supporting sales initiatives with the knowledge and best practices of digital communications and, subsequently, provide additional client services support in collaboration with local project managers that will deliver innovative, intelligent and highly engaging digital solutions.


    The right candidate will be tasked to retain long-standing relationships with our existing Fortune 500 clients to help Vertic continue defining successful growth in combination with generating bottom-line results. This is necessary in achieving digital innovation and ultimately, ensuring Vertic solutions meet clients’ business goals.

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Laurence Lipworth

Laurence Lipworth

EVP Client Engagement

Want to know more about this product or how we can create great work for you? Look up our offices or send us a mail at hello@vertic.com. We're looking forward to hearing from you!