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Combining extensive experiences from digital first companies with 10 years pedigree in Healthcare to deliver outstanding bespoke industry digital solutions – “best of both worlds”

Across both product and corporate level we deliver digital customer & competitor insights, develop multichannel and digital strategies and execute digital marketing solutions. We understand the healthcare market conditions and organizational challenges to ensure seamless execution of digital marketing solutions to all healthcare stakeholders.

From our work with global Fortune 500 companies outside the healthcare industry, we gather learnings from first-mover tech adopters and marketing pioneers. This allows us to think creatively and bring these insights and practices into the healthcare industry, making solutions that cut through clutter and stand out in an otherwise traditional and conservative industry facing fierce competition and competing messages.

Digital Observational Landscaping study

All marketing and sales activities should be founded on an understanding of your stakeholders to define and create resonant marketing activities. As we increasingly live our lives online, mapping and analyzing the digital footprint of stakeholders is a critical market research discipline for understanding stakeholders’ unmet needs, attitudes, beliefs and preferences.

And specifically, healthcare topics are discussed and searched for incessantly and thus constitute an outstanding potential for insights generation, due to a unique combination of:

And specifically, healthcare topics are discussed and searched for incessantly and thus constitute an outstanding potential for insights generation, due to a unique combination of:

  • high involvement by patients and HCPs alike due the existential nature of health issue
  • high prevalence of diseases either personal, in the family or within circle of friends which makes health topics always topical
  • a strong sense of personal isolation within “invisible diseases” generating the need for connection outside the immediate, existing social circle.

Inspired by the magnitude of digital behavior in Healthcare, Vertic has developed a bespoke digital observational landscaping model - Digital Brand IQ – which measures the supply and demand for digital content and services within the digital ecosystem.
Descriptive analysis provides a picture of the current supply of content and services across websites, mobile applications, social media and search engines. Explorative analysis techniques identify demand themes from analysing search queries, social media conversations, key influencer behaviour and content popularity.

As with Real World Data versus Clinical trial data, this observational study technique derives unique and genuine insights which provides a foundation for informed decisions about how your (digital) value proposition and multi-channel marketing strategy should look like to best serve customers and provide a competitive offering compared to the existing players in the field.

(Beyond) Multi Channel Marketing Strategy

The sales rep, congresses and medical journals have historically been the prioritized channels for marketing within Healthcare. However, the efficiency of those channels has waned over recent years, especially driven by the uptake of other, mostly digital, channels by HCPs, Patient and Payers alike

Which channels should we be in; at which stage of the decision journey; with what content; and targeting who?
The question calls for investigations into the channel preferences of different types of stakeholders; the influence and reach of different channels, and scrutiny of how different digital channels such as Display (Awareness stage) and Search (Decision stage) have varied relevance e.g. across the HCP Decision Journey.

Furthermore, such investigation should look further into studying the synergetic effects of the channels and how they are behaviorally linked for the HCPs, patients, caregivers or Payers. Therefore, a critical biggest challenge in a multi-channel marketing strategy is the integration between the channels and the personalization of content based on context and timing.

Through more than 10 years working with multi-channel marketing strategies, Vertic has developed an A2Z multi-channel marketing approach which allows brands to maximise the return of the marketing investment no matter whether the product:

  • is in pre-launch,
  • is facing launch,
  • is an “established product” in front of loss of exclusivity,
  • would benefit from increased disease awareness to drive uptake,
  • requires a revised treatment paradigm understanding to gain market share,
  • simply need to create awareness of product efficacy, indication or safety attributes.

Product launch

The first 6 months in the launch of a new drug has proven to very precisely determine the trajectory for sales over the full product life time.
As a result,

the quality of the launch preparation optimally starting 36 months before launch;
2) pre-launch activities focused at market shaping typically driven out of global and/or regional headquarter, and
3) a forceful launch burst carefully timed around the provision of marketing authorization, determination of pricing & reimbursement and guidelines,
combined have an decisive influence on the uptake of the product in the market.

Differences between countries in terms of the regulatory, legal, market environment and business prioritization all add to the complexity of the product launch strategy as regards marketing, sales and beyond.

Vertic has been an integrated part of more than 5 global product launches in the Healthcare industry in the last 3 years and have defined best practice processes for the healthcare Product Launch alongside an understanding of the critical success factors inherent in product launch excellence mindset.

Patient Support

Patient Support seeks to improve the patient experience from diagnosis to treatment to a “healthy” life with or without a disease. The provision of Patient Support may be can broken down to 3 objectives: 1) Help the individual patients to gain control of their disease and improve quality of life; 2) Improve patient reported outcomes and treatment adherence; 3) Gather real life evidence data (RWD) enabling patient centric innovation.

However, Patient Support is a challenging discipline. It is about behaviour change. And behaviour change is hard, if people would rather not change their behaviour than stay alive …just ask the one third of kidney transplant patients who don’t take their anti-rejection medications.* Non-compliance whetherto the drug or to the “optimal” lifestyle is a testimony to the complexity of human psychology and the practical realities of our everyday life.

When developing a patient support program, we need to investigate the prevalence and impact of different and somewhat non-obvious types of barriers within the spheres of socio demography and psychology. To that end, Vertic applies a range of behavioural science tools and apply these to the conceptualization and development of Share of Life™ founded Patient Support services.


Remuneration in Healthcare has almost exclusively been Output based and linked to the number of product prescriptions. As a corollary, Product Brands, with Block Buster brands leading the pack, have always been the undisputed brand heroes in Healthcare companies.

However, the pharmaceutical companies’ value proposition is slowly, but surely, diversifying as the digital & industry transformation gains speed. New propositions such as digital therapeutics, direct patient support, impact validation for value pricing, corresponding HCP service renderings (e.g. diagnostic tools), frameworks for (data) collaboration with payer, providers, patients and pharma companies are all, at their core, not product specific.

Such value propositions continue to develop and proliferate as healthcare companies evolve from a transactional and product centric value model to a Share of Life™ value model. These new and diverse value propositions require an umbrella brand to instil trust and build affinity with their target audiences. The corporate brand is a natural choice as such umbrella brand. In a digital world, the corporate website is the mainstay of the corporate brand and the digital front door for all stakeholders.

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