Customer Experience Platforms

Entangle your brand into the customer's daily life.

We create transformative experiences that empower users at every step of their journey and build meaningful, entangled relationships between the brand and customer.

Experience is now the brand.

We’ve seen some big changes in the way people research, make purchases, and do business. In a post-digital world, people no longer go online, they live online. Companies need to listen carefully to customers and respond with user centered experiences that drive behavior, nurture loyalty, and grow the business.

Empower customers.
Nurture loyalty.
Maximize growth.

A powerful CX is rooted in a deep understanding of the customer. We combine robust research and data to identify needs and opportunities across the complete customer journey. Using our strategic insights, we employ human-centered design digital products, services, and experiences that weave the brand into the fabric of a customer’s daily life. This is the heart of our marketing methodology called Share of Life®.

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Our work

Reshaping the future of work.

When crisis hit, businesses were suddenly faced with a distributed workforce. Vertic partnered with Dropbox to create an Experience Hub that repositioned their brand and empowered customers to navigate the challenges of remote work and the future of the workplace.

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Our thinking

The future of the corporate website.

As industry thought-leaders, Vertic created the Global Corporate Website Index to establish benchmarks and give marketers a way to evaluate their company’s website. Explore corporate website rankings, best practices, and growing mega trends.

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Experience Strategy

  • Customer Research & Insights

  • Decision Journey Mapping

  • Content Strategy

  • Experience Framework

UX & Design

  • Creative Concepting

  • Journey Aligned IA

  • UX & Visual Design Systems

  • Usability and Accessibility Testing

Tech & Development

  • API & CMS Development

  • Data Science

  • Full Stack & Web Development

  • Performance Analysis

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