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We transform business goals into powerful digital solutions that weave your brand into the fabric of a customer’s daily life.

Marketing in a post-digital world.

The way people research, shop, communicate and do business has changed forever. The bottom line is that people no longer go online, they live online. Now that the Buyer’s Journey and the Customer’s Journey are increasingly digital, businesses need to rethink their digital ecosystems to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.  So how do companies translate business objectives into effective digital solutions?

Accelerate your transformation. Reach your business goals faster.

Data, insights and research are critical to understanding customer behavior, the competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities. Our strategic approach applies an outside-in, customer-centric focus that identifies needs and maps critical interactions across the customer decision journey. Working closely with companies, we formulate a digital strategy to fast-track their  marketing transformation and entangle the brand with the customer’s daily life.

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Unlocking the full
potential of Optimizely.

When Episerver joined Optimizely and became one company, they needed to rethink their brand and optimize their digital transformation journey. Learn how Vertic helped create an end-to-end digital strategy with a best-in-class CX at the heart of their ecosystem.

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Our thinking

Think like a CFO.
Act like a CRO.
Innovate like a CMO.

In a post digital world, a company’s web property an increasingly dynamic part of the sales pipeline than ever before. Learn why marketing leadership is more business critical than ever.

Read about the “Changing Customer Experience”
from our CEO Sebastian Jespersen.

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Insights & Research

  • Digital Assessment

  • Brand and Competitive assessment

  • Qualitative Assessment


  • Digitalized Personas and Journeys

  • Marketing Transformation Strategy

  • Content Strategy

Roadmap & Measurements

  • Digital Marketing Roadmap

  • KPI Framework

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