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Communication to HCPs, Patients, and Payers in a digital first world.

We provide insights-driven promotional & educational omnichannel strategies and executions for pharmaceutical, biotech, digital health and healthcare device companies.

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Get the best of both worlds.

… in 2 ways.

Healthcare expertise + digital edge.

At Vertic, we have completed +100 end-to-end healthcare marketing and communication projects. We combine our deep industry knowledge with extensive experience from digital first industries such as Software and Finance. The combination ensures world-class healthcare solutions fit for a digital world.

Global “but” fast & efficient.

We are specialized in serving the global and regional headquarters of the largest multi-national companies in healthcare. It is a Vertic core competence to facilitate the implementation of global strategies at affiliate level without physical presence in the local market optimizing time-to-market and ensuring highest possible scalability.

Addressing a critical healthcare industry challenge.

Healthcare industry players are facing fierce competition, increasing pressure from payers, declining ROI on product launches and decimated product lifetime value. At same time, the salesforce focused model is losing ground as sales reps are less welcome, simply banned from doctors’ clinics and experiencing a deterioration in trust.

Most healthcare companies have responded by initiating digital initiatives. However, these digital initiatives are often uncoordinated, stand-alone, and not tightly knit into the strategic imperatives of the business nor integrated into an omnichannel strategy.

A digital imperative of strategic healthcare marketing is not about developing many initiatives, but rather identifying the RIGHT ones firmly rooted in your business objectives, understanding of the market and the preferences and needs of your audiences.

To fullfill this imperative, Vertic has developed a framework for defining, selecting, building, and executing a digital ecosystem for reaching and engaging HCPs, patients, caregivers and payers. The framework allows you to inject your brand across the stakeholder’s digital research and decision journey in the right channel, with the right content and the right point in time.

A second digital imperative is relentless execution of the strategy. At Vertic, we have specialized in operating within the parameters of industry regulation and the structures of the multinational company. We develop content, build digital channels and run healthcare campaigns globally with a focus on compliance, scalability and alignment with the business strategy.

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Our work

Multi-channel launch of drug in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Lilly needed to reach out to key stakeholders more efficiently and move them along the decision journey deploying the multiple channels used by the stakeholders to inform their prescribing decisions or otherwise inform them on the condition and treatment paradigms. Therefore, Lilly defined a multichannel launch burst project and partnered with Vertic as a multichannel launch expert and to leverage Vertic’s proven multichannel strategy and launch execution model.

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Our thinking

Compliance in pharma marketing.
A focus on omnichannel.

Supranational laws, international and regional codes, national laws, and company practices on global and local level form a patchwork of rules for healthcare marketing. Educators and marketers in healthcare need to understand and interpret all these rules to define an executable, global omnichannel strategy.

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Mikkel Arnoldi Pedersen

Head of Client Engagement,
Vertic EMEA

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