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The biggest brands and corporations in technology turn to Vertic to create rewarding and lasting digital connections to customers.

Digital-born companies have redefined the relationship between brand and customer. The new ‘Holy Grail’ is entangling your brand in your customer’s digitized way of life. Google, Amazon and Microsoft have understood that weaving the brand into the fabric of the customer’s online existence is today’s mandate for business success.

The reach of these titans extends far beyond their core activity. They own a huge part of each person’s multi-screen day.

As pioneers of digital transformation early on, which positioned them in the early adaptation curve of digital marketing, technology companies have learnt how to leverage the endless quantities of insightful data on how we live our lives. It has engendered a closer relationship between these brands and consumers. We are moving from the Information Age to the Age of Entanglement.

As early adopters of digital transformation, companies in the technology sector are responsible for many of the innovations required to create a successful digital experience. With over 15 years of experience working with some of the largest players from within the industry - such as Microsoft, SAP, PayPal and Vodafone – Vertic has seen that great technical product engineering does not always equate to seamless communication to those products’ users however.

Competitive Advantage

Digital Properties

The leading companies in the technology industry have relatively mature and intelligent corporate websites. As most of the technology companies have digital products and services, their customer decision journeys can be conducted entirely through their website, starting from the point of need, through buying the product, and ultimately experiencing it. In order to shorten the decision journey, these technology companies have enabled their websites to predict the user’s intent (intelligent search and personalization) and guide them in finding the information they need in the shortest time possible.

The top corporate website performers in the technology industry are Accenture and TATA, showing investment in creating value adding content, and building an intuitive navigation with an intelligent technology stack.

Zero Degrees of Separation

In the IoT world, the technology sector is one of the first to experience the product being wholly digital. This provides opportunities for technology companies to create holistic experiences for customers, ones that conjoin pre-product stages of the customer decision journey through to post-purchase, product usage and advocacy. With the capabilities to understand real-time, large-scale product feedback better than ever before through the digital medium, the onus is on marketing and communications to push the future alignment of product with their function: product usage should determine future communications, while marketing interactions should impact their future product experience.

Keep Your Customers Forever

Human Connections

As customers move through their decision journey to the point of product purchase, the rational and factual product features will empower their decision making. However, creating the relationship at the very start of that journey requires a more emotional connection that enables the company to make a point of differentiation beyond the product, namely through the means of thought-leadership.

The company’s purpose needs to be extolled at earlier stages of the decision journey, with genuine reasoning behind that purpose, as well as appropriate communication that ensures it is delivered and understood in a meaningful way by the end customer. Vertic developed the ‘Heart to Brain’ framework, to enable companies to create content that speaks to the stakeholders’ values, builds an emotional connection and then guides them to rationalize with their brains.

Empowering the partner and channel ecosystem

As technology vendors rely on their channels and ecosystems for scale, they require the appropriate digital platforms to empower the partners within them to convert customers at each stage of the decision journey, advocating for the vendor alone at each stage. Removing dilution of core story and content from the partners’ adoption and adaptation will ensure consistency for the customer audience no matter from whom and when they receive their communications.

Digitized Customer Experience

The key advantage that the technology industry has is that, for the most part, the entire end to end customer experience can be digitized. Pre-customer demand gen, messaging and maturation lead to ecommerce experiences, which can be followed up by account-based-marketing efforts and further integrated ecommerce to post-customer interactions. This automation of the entire decision journey and ongoing 'loyalty loop' enables the technology company to achieve a digitized and measurable Share of Life® over time with customers.

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